Open  Wednesday Through Sunday 
We Have Outside Seating
   Reservations Recommended!!!
For reservations please call (978)356-0099
We are Open for Take Out!!!
Wednesday thru Sunday from 4pm to 8.30pm
Please call us for your orders: (978)356-0099
Stuffed Peppers $10
Rice, Tomatoes, Herbs
Zucchini Fritters $13
Beet Tzatziki
Figs $12
Black Mission Fresh Figs | Local Ricotta Pinenuts | Honeyi
Black Truffle Buffalo Burrata $14
Marini's Heirloom Tomatoes | EVOO | Eggplant
Grass Fed 12oz N. York Sirloin* 38
Chimichurri Potatoes | Asparagus | Grilled Onions | Demi
Pan Seared Scallops* 28
Golden Potatoes | Pickled Fennel | Pickled Shishitoes | Marini's Cherry Tomatoes
Pork Tenderloin* 24
Seared Pork Medallion| Grilled Zucchini, Peppers & Potatoes | Samos Wine | Basil | Pinenuts
You'll find our regular menu under "Ithaki's Take Out Menu"

Chef/Owner | Petros Markopoulos


Modern Mediterranean Cooking in the Heart of Ipswich.

"Well-appointed dining rooms, fresh flowers, soft Dijon colored walls, an annular tile-backed bar, and simple banquettes make Ipswich’s Ithaki the pinnacle of charm. Mediterranean master chef and owner Petros Markopoulos crafts ambrosial dishes. Using organic flour and eggs for his pasta and importing olives, feta cheese, and olive oil from Crete are just a few of the ways Markopoulos highlights his homeland’s bounty. Bread spreads and pita chips, a deluxe raw bar, huge Gulf shrimp, little neck and cockle clams, nicely spiced falafel, and pistachio baklava—are a few mentionables on the list of YOU-HAVE-TO-TRY-THIS Ithaki delights." - Nortshore Magazine

The BEST food. Even if you've never had Greek food, your server will help you get a spectacular meal. Quiet upscale atmosphere for a date or special occasion only adds to the experience. A favorite place for us.

-Rob T., Salisbury, MA

Ithaki Modern Mediterranean 

25 Hammatt Street

Ipswich | MA 

(978) 356 - 0099

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